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From its position astride one of the major arteries of shipping, Malta offers a whole range of International maritime services and facilities : deep natural harbours and well equipped ports which offer a haven for international shipping, extensive bunkering, ship supplies and towage services,

 About Malta

  shipbuilding and ship repair yards which can take the largest ships afloat, modern facilities for tran-shipment and distribution, including a very successful Freeport and Oil terminal, high level training for both deck and engineering officers at a very well respected nautical school, a hub for cruise liners, international yacht marinas backed by efficient repair and support services and of course, an international ship register which is now long established as one of the largest in the world

Oil Products Handling & Storage

Freeport Terminal
Cruise Liner & Passenger Services
Ship Repair
Vessel Registration    

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Oil Products Handling and Storage

Oiltanking ( Malta ) Ltd.


The continuing investment and inclusion of Oiltanking Malta terminal in the International Oiltanking network is again mainly the result of Malta being centrally located in the Mediterranean, close to the main International shipping lanes between Europe, Africa , the Middle East, the Pacific Rim and the United States. The terminal is situated within the freeport of Malta allowing products to be shipped and stored free of duties and taxes.

Oiltanking Malta offers :

- Low port costs

- Making bulk for long haul destinations

- Breaking bulk for Mediterranean ports

- Efficient and safe handling of special products

- Value added activities like blending and treatments

- Independent laboratory services at the terminal (Saybolt)


- Storage Capacity - 359,000 cbm

- Jetties Capacity - 6,000dwt - 120,000dwt

- Three safe berths for vessels and coasters up to 120,000 dwt

Enemalta Corporation - Petroleum Division


The Petroleum Division is responsible for the programming, storage and distribution of all petroleum products and Liquid Petroleum Gas in Malta. The Petroleum Division also provides storage to Interantional Oil Companies at Has Saptan underground installation. The Installation's capacity is over 150,000 tonnes of clean petroleum products, namely GasOil and Jet A1

Installations :


- 31st March 1979 at Birzebbugia

    - Ras Hanzir Underground Installation

- Wied Dalam Depot

    - Aviation Installation at Malta

- Has Saptan Underground Installation

                      International Airport

Malta Freeport

The introduction of new shipping trends and large, specialised container vessels meant that, for Malta to take advantage of its position at the cross roads of numerous shipping routes, a new facility for containers had to be built. Marsaxlokk was the perfect location for such facility. In fact today the Malta Freeport complementing 2 terminals with almost 3 kilometres of quay length has developed into a major player in the Mediterranean. Equipped with the latest technology Malta Freeport serves many of the giant operators in the container carrier sector. Both terminals and all warehouses are ISO standard and open to business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whilst Shipping lines are investing heavily in larger container vessels , which require deeper water, adequate quays and bigger gantry cranes, the Freeport has launched a 40 million Euro investment programme aimed at expanding facilities and enhancing equipment.













North Quay

Length: 1,000m

Depth: 15.5m

West Quay

Length: 168m

Depth: 9.5m

Ground Slots

7,031 TEU


Total Terminal Area

322,106 sq.m


Reefer Points






Operational Hours

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

North Quay

Length: 480m

Depth: 15.5m

South Quay

Length: 660m

Depth: 15.5m

West Quay

Length: 118m

Depth: 15.5m

Ro-Ro Berth

Length: 220m

Depth: 15.5m

Ground Slots

4,876 TEU


Total Terminal Area

227,194 sq.m


Reefer Points



Operational Hours

24 hours a day, 7 days a week



  • 6 general purpose warehouses of 2,400 sq.m. each having 1,000 sq.m. of covered space

  • Space frame roofing giving a 6m clear headroom

  • Concrete panel outer walls

  • 4 warehouse entrances measuring 5.0m in width and 5.5m in height

  • 40 windows measuring 1.8m in width and 0.8m in height

  • Five roof colt fire ventilators electrically adjustable

  • Insulation values of roof and walls circa 1.0ws/m.c.

  • Fire hydrant within 100m of furthest point of warehouse

  • Electricity supply - 3 phase 415v

  • Telephone/data point

  • Potable water and foul water drain

  • Operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Cruise Liner and Ferry Services

    In the recent years there has been an increasing interest by cruise liner operators in Valletta Harbour. The Maltese authorities have ever since thought of entrusting the further development and restoration of the magnificent 17th Century fortifications and adjacent buildings.

    Viset Malta plc is a private owned company which took over the responsibility of cruise and ferry passenger handling services in the Port of Valletta. Viset is the operator of the Valletta Waterfront, that is  located in the Valletta Grand Harbour, minutes away from the capital city Valletta.
    They have also chosen to develop the site, which stretches about one km along Piunto Wharf on the Northern shore of the harbour. The Valletta Waterfront project has led to the regeneration        of the historic Grand Harbour and will be a landmark for all tourists visiting Malta.
    Cruise Passenger Services  
    Backed by a number of years experience in various cruise passenger related services, operators can rest assured that our staff will make all possible to compliment the high quality services usually provided on board.
    The best way to discover the many archaeological and historical treasures found in Malta not to mention the picturesque sites and places of interest is to take a guided excursion. Amongst the various tours on offer, we have the Malta full day general tour highlighting only the most popular places of interests for clients wanting a simple overview of our islands' heritage. We also have specific  tours for groups with particular interest in a specific subject for example Neolithic and prehistoric temples, World War ruins and museums,  The Knights of Malta and the Great Siege. We also offer the new and the old capital cities of Valletta and Mdina, tours to Gozo, or simply panoramic views around the beaches and countryside. Alternatively our selection of pre-arranged tours can also be modified to suite your preferences.
    Our friendly staff are in close contact with vessel personnel prior to vessels arrival and during the execution of the tours in order to ensure a swift and enjoyable experience to all participants.

    Ship Repair and Maintenance

    Ship Repair continues to be one of the major activities in Valletta, in view of the several ship repair facilities located within. Maltese Shipyards offer a substantial range of products to the general maritime, ship repair, offshore and energy, yachting and conversion sectors from some of the largest facilities in the Mediterranean.

    Malta's mild climate and sheltered areas allows for a substantial range of surveys and eventual repairs to be carried out offshore avoiding berthing costs and delays. In fact a number of diving companies approved by all major classification societies offer a range of underwater services namely.

    - ROV Operations

    - Propellor Polish

    - Hull Cleaning

    - Underwater digital CCTV Inspections

    - Underwater Repairs

    - Hull Aperature Blanks

    Bunkering in Malta


    A substantial amount of ships visiting Malta, avails itself of bunkering facilities offered in Malta. With the liberalisation of bunkering licenses in 1996, bunkering activity in Malta has soared from about 200,000 tons of fuel delivered only four years ago to the 1m tons plus delivered this year.



    Whether alongside or offshore, by truck or by barge, Melita Shipping can offer the most competitive rates from the various suppliers. Ship Owners can also avail themselves of the advantage that we can act as their agents during bunkering call, thus ensuring a swift and safe bunkering delivery, with the least delay to vessel's passage.  


    Registration of Ships (including yachts) under the Malta Flag

    Vessels registration under the Malta flag and the operation of Maltese ships is regulated by the Merchant Shipping Act, a law based mainly on U.K. legislation but subsequently revised and amended in 1986, 1988 and 1990.

    Advantages Include :


    - complete tax exemption to owners, charterers and financiers of Maltese ships of over 1,000 net tons; this exemption may also be extended to smaller ships

    - offshore Companies operating ships can enjoy all the exemptions and benefits provided for by the offshore legislation

    - Malta is an Interantional Maritime Centre providing the whole range of maritime services

    - no trading restrictions and preferential treatment to Maltese ships in certain ports

    - no restriction on the sale or transfer of sharesof a company owning Maltese ships

    - twenty four hour, seven days a week service in respect to urgent matters

    - no restriction on the nationality of the master, officers and crew

    - low company formation and ship registration costs

    Eligibility of Registration

    All types of Vessels, from pleasure yachts to Oil rigs may be registered, provided that, interalia, they are wholly owned by Maltese citizens or Maltese bodies corporate

    The formation of a Maltese company is a straight forward operation; there are no nationality requirments as to both the shareholders and directors. Ships of twenty years and over but under 25 years must pass an inspection by an authorised flag state inspector before or within one month of provisional registration. Ships of 25 years and over must pass an inspection by an authorised flag state inspector prior to being provisionally registered.